US Home Insurance Provider Ups Anti-social Coverage Ante by Launching Cyber Bullying Feature for Concerned Policyholders

US Home Insurance Provider Ups Anti-social Coverage Ante by Launching Cyber Bullying Feature for Concerned Policyholders

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Global home insurance provider, Chubb has just announced that it’s added a dedicated ‘cyber bullying’ feature to its existing coverage for American household policyholders, less than 4 months after launching the same option for British-based policyholders.

Targeting help at those Chubb describe as ‘victims of cyber bullying’ it’s envisaged that the personal lines product extra will help towards the costs of mental health treatment, legal expenses which rack up and lost wages; all of which are proven – and financially burdening -outcomes after an individual has been on the receiving end of cyber bullying according to experts on the sign-of-the-times subject.

Chubb has added $60,000 of bespoke cyber bullying coverage to its current US Masterpiece Family Protection policy, which will cost insured parties in the region of $70 per annum should they choose to opt-in.

The mooted cyber bullying option increases the far-reaching remit of the policy which is already in place and hitherto proffers protection against stalking, car-jacking, home intrusion, air rage, hijacking and child abduction amongst other key features which mark out the policy as something a little out of the ordinary.

Cyber Bullying Insurance Option is Latest Addition to Home Policy Which Already Includes Stalking, Car-jacking, Air Rage and Hijacking Provisions

Chubb  has moved quickly to add further layers of insurance safeguards to its impressive product after it recently emerged in an article published last year that purports that a quarter of American adolescents admitted to having experienced cyber bullying first hand; and predominantly through social media interactions.

This brought the problem back into the mainstream and saw unprecedented public awareness ensue in the weeks and months after a medical journal highlighted the extent of the problem.

Extending its provisions to cover costs relating to psychiatric care, temporary relocation services, education expenses, public relations services and cyber security consulting, Chubb says its unique coverage will recompense parties who are affected by acts of ‘harassment and intimidation’ via personal computers, tablets and mobile devices henceforth.

Acknowledged as being at the vanguard of such insurance practices, Chubb stresses that the policy comes into its own at the juncture when cyber bullying leads to wrongful termination, false arrest, wrongful discipline at schools and/or a diagnosis of debilitating shock, mental anguish or mental injury presents in the insured party.

Having been piloted in states such as Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, the policy is expected to be expanded to take in more shortly.

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