Pet Insurer Reveals Who’s Top Dog for 2015

Pet Insurer Reveals Who’s Top Dog for 2015

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In the aftermath of scrutinising in excess of 165,000 pet insurance quotes, a leading UK pet insurance provider has established just which name has come out as top dog this year. And the winning moniker has been unveiled as ‘Bella’ according to the figures compiled by, which was behind all the painstaking analysis which lead up to this recent announcement.

Whilst ‘Bella’ claimed the honour amongst the female contingent, it was ‘Alfie’ who scooped the prize (although nothing was awarded to the best of our knowledge) in the equally hard-fought male dog category.

Other names which were found to be very popular ones in which to christen dogs of both genders during the past 12 months (and which fared admirable in this Top 20 Dogs Names countdown) included Poppy (3rd), Charlie (4th) and Molly (5th). Elsewhere – and completing the Top 10 – were the likes of Max (6th), Lola (7th), Ruby (8th), Bailey (9th) and Daisy (10th). Gone are the days it seems when man’s best friends were named after canine TV stars of their day (hands up who remembers a stream of Rin Tin Tin, Toto, Lassie, Shep and possibly, Bouncer?), as today’s top dogs seem to share the monikers we afford our new born children more than ever before. For this read Oscar (11th), Archie (13th), Milo (16th) and Tilly (18th). All is not lost though as discovered elsewhere on the list are generation-spanning favourites such as Buddy (14th), Teddy (17th) and Buster (19th) for old time’s sake.

The fun aspect of naming your new pet aside, as any dog owner will quickly tell you the decision to home a domestic animal is a big one, as is the responsibility undertaken henceforth. Considerations which should always be deliberated over thoroughly beforehand which routinely should include determining whether or not you can afford the food, creature comforts, potential vets bills and insurance policies to name just a few of the primary examples.

Pet insurance should always be a key concern and figure highly in this process, not least because animals can and will sustain accidental injuries and/or suffer illnesses are certain points in their lives. Unlike their human counterparts they can’t simply turn to the NHS to come to their aid, which consequently means visiting the vets and footing what are steadily increasing bills for work completed and meds prescribed. Arranging an all-encompassing pet insurance policy will ensure peace of mind cover in exchange for an often competitively priced annual premium, affording your pet instant access to a range of services for the duration of their lives.

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