Six surprising things traditional car insurance does not cover

When you take out a car insurance policy – particularly a comprehensive policy – it’s common to think that you’re covered for every eventuality. Unfortunately that is not always true, as there are a number of things that could go wrong that most comprehensive policies don’t cover as ...
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Life insurance for diabetics – what you need to know

Read our guide below for more information on how having diabetes can affect life insurance – and what you need to do to get a good deal. Can I get life insurance if I have diabetes? Although diabetes is considered a serious medical condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean ...
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woman working from home

Insurance for working from home – what you need to know

There is a growing trend in the UK for people to work from home – either full time or for part of the working week – and while it may be more convenient for employees and their bosses, there are some insurance considerations they need to be aware ...
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car crash damage on headlight

Top car insurance fraud scams to watch out for

We run through the most common car insurance scams you need to be aware of – and how you can avoid falling victim. Insurance fraud costs car insurance companies millions of pounds every year, and adds more and more costs onto the premiums of all drivers. Here we ...
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Google prototype self-driving car

How self-driving cars will affect the car insurance industry

It may seem like something out of science-fiction, but self-driving car technology is very real and is improving everyday. How will the advent of driverless cars affect the car insurance industry in the future? We may not be quite at the point of ditching human drivers altogether and ...
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drinking on holiday

Can drinking too much on holiday void your travel insurance?

Alcohol exclusions on travel insurance policies are becoming more and more common, due to the number of claims made after heavy drinking on holiday. Holidaymakers have been reminded by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to check the small print of their travel insurance policies to see if an ...
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cash money

Common exclusions for income protection insurance you need to know

Income protection insurance can be a financial lifeline is you are unable to work for a period due to an accident, illness or redundancy. But what if you make a claim and find that your policy doesn’t offer the cover you though? Income protection insurance (IPI) can help ...
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Drone insurance cost – how much should you pay for drone insurance

Drones are becoming more and more popular in the UK, and having the right kind of insurance to protect your drone is becoming more and more important. Drone insurance is typically split into two areas: cover for accidental damage and theft/loss, and public liability cover for when you ...
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gadgets laptop phone and tablet devices

Best gadget insurance providers (2018 edition)

As the cost of our gadgets continues to increase, so to does the need for specialist insurance to cover against loss, theft and accidental damage. There are an increasing number of specialist gadget insurance companies and policies on offer, each with different cover options and policy features to ...
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stock price statistics

The UK Insurance Scene in Numbers: Important Facts and Figures

We all love anything that involves numbers, countdowns and top 10s here in the UK. So much so that websites and magazines are literally ram-packed with one after another these days. Whether it’s percentages or decimal points, we have no preference, so long as there’s a selection of ...
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