New travel insurance policies released for older travellers and cancer patients

New travel insurance policies released for older travellers and cancer patients

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Older travellers and those with pre-existing medical conditions can find it difficult to find travel insurance cover, but new products could now make it much easier.

If you are aged over 65 or suffer/have suffered from a serious illness, finding adequate and affordable travel insurance cover can be difficult.

However, two new products from Co-op Insurance and Bought By Many could make it a whole lot easier, as they are specifically targeted to holidaymakers who tend to be locked out of traditional travel insurance policies – such as cancer patients or people aged over 65.

Below we take a look at what these new policies include and how they match up with other travel insurance options on the market.

Co-op travel insurance with no upper age limit

The insurance arm of the Co-op has recently added travel insurance to its range of products, and now offers a travel policy that features unlimited medical expenses cover for people of all ages.

This not only makes it easier for older travellers to get cover, it also addresses the issue of travellers with medical conditions having to pay out for medical treatment themselves before making a claim on their policy.

The Co-op offers single trip, annual/multi-trip and backpacker travel insurance policies, which all include the following main features:

  • No upper age limit – People of any age can get cover.
  • Cashless medical expenses – Any medical fees are paid to the hospital directly, so you won’t have to pay first and claim back later.
  • Video GP consultation – Policyholders get access to a UK GP over the phone, who is available 24/7.

Bought By Many travel insurance for serious medical conditions

Bought By Many – a company that aims to provide cheaper premiums by encouraging customers to join together and buy in bulk – also recently launched a travel insurance product aimed at people with serious pre-existing medical conditions like cancer.

The policy provides cover up to £500,000 for emergency medical treatment for travel in Europe, and also features:

  • Cover for all medical conditions – Any pre-existing medical condition, except those with a terminal prognosis of less than six months – are covered.
  • No upper age limit – You will not be denied cover whatever your age.
  • No medical questionnaire – Bought By Many simply requires confirmation from your GP that they are happy for you to travel.
  • Additional travel expenses due to medical emergency – If you are unable to use your pre-booked travel arrangements because of a medical emergency (e.g. you miss your flight while in hospital) then the policy will pay for you to make new travel arrangements – including any further accommodation costs you may incur.



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