New car accident app shows difference between male and female drivers

New car accident app shows difference between male and female drivers

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A new app from personal injury advice site Cute Injury analyses the causes of road traffic accidents and attempts to highlight the differences between male and female drivers.

The online tool uses data direct from the Department for Transport, and analyses every recorded road traffic accident on UK roads in the year 2015, separating the data between car crashes that involved male drivers and those that involved female drivers.

The data used by Cute Injury includes the:

  • age of the driver at the time of the accident
  • type of vehicle they were driving
  • age of the vehicle
  • purpose of the journey when the crash happened
  • location of the accident
  • manoeuvre (if any) the driver was attempting
  • object (if any) they hit

By separating these data points by the sex of the driver, they were able to identify the key differences between car crashes involving men and those involving women.

To see the data in full, read the study and use the app here:

Key differences between male and female drivers

First of all, male drivers are involved in a lot more car accidents on UK roads than women. This doesn’t necessarily mean men are the more accident-prone though, as men drive a lot more than women in general.

There is a much higher proportion of young males causing accidents compared with young female drivers though. Of all the accidents caused by male drivers, 0.9% of them involved a boy driver aged between 11-15 years old.

In terms of how accidents are likely to happen, the data shows that men are much more likely to crash when trying to overtake. 8.6% of all accidents involving men happen when they are overtaking, compared with 3.6% for women.

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