Strike it Unlucky: Home Insurer Tells of How Lightning Caused £45k of Damage to Property

Strike it Unlucky: Home Insurer Tells of How Lightning Caused £45k of Damage to Property

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Few people would be shocked to learn that a direct hit from a bolt of lightning could trigger a significant amount of damage. In terms of the human cost, this could of course be painful at best, fatal at worst, yet have you ever stopped and thought just how much the bill would be if your home was struck by one of Mother Nature’s most potent forces?

Well, according to one leading UK home insurer who’s sifted through a compendium of policyholder claims data of late, they’ve discovered that a single bolt from the blue can be responsible for causing over £45,000 pounds’ worth of damage; and within seconds of making contact with your property.

Direct Line Insurance’s SELECT Premier Insurance division unearthed one particular case – whilst analysing submitted claims information – whereby one unfortunate household policyholder out in a claim after their home was hit by one particularly destructive lightning bolt.

Entering and subsequently compromising the property’s electrical system, the strike wreaked havoc with the building’s CCTV cameras, alarm system, water features, telephone line, heating and lighting systems in a singular flash which bore some £45,884 pounds’ worth of consequent damage at the time. Most of the major appliances and electrical equipment in the property required replacing due to being considered by insurance claims experts as being rendered beyond repair, culminating in what came to stand as Direct Line’s biggest lightning claim in history.

Household Insurance Provider Recalls One of Its Greatest Hits

Itemising just some of the householder/policyholder’s collection of electrical goods that suffered at the hands of the lightning strike, reported that the impact of the hit resulted in irreparable damage being sustained by 4 flat screen TVs and Sky boxes, along with a state-of-the-art Bang & Olufsen sound system which was located in the gymnasium of what was, by all accounts, a particularly desirable residence. Meanwhile the core components of the Lutron home control system suffered damage the extent of which necessitated the entire re-working and design of the bespoke assemblage according to Claims Mag.

Elsewhere other major home insurance pay-outs coming on the back of lightning strikes of note observed by the same insurer over the past 12 months include the £5k it took to rectify the damage caused to another property’s electric gates and linked systems, while damage caused by lightening striking a homeowner’s wind turbine culminated in some £1,000 pounds’ worth of damage which was ultimately settled by a sizeable insurance claim.

A spokesperson for the insurer suggested that despite claims received in relation to lightning damage being few and far between, when they are submitted they tend to prove costly; citing the underlying fact that these days our homes comprise of a host of gadgetry and electrical equipment which could, hypothetically-speaking be wiped out by the one, far-reaching hit.

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