One Leading Home Insurer Cites Clumsiness as Single-most Contributing Factor to Recent Spate of Policy Claims

One Leading Home Insurer Cites Clumsiness as Single-most Contributing Factor to Recent Spate of Policy Claims

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Some people are seemingly born clumsy, like some are apparently born lucky, we guess it must simply be down to fate/alignment of the stars that particular day. We all know someone whose got two left feet or makes a habit of tripping over their own shadow, or perhaps somebody whose butterfingers have led to many a sticky situation ensuing (cue canned laughter from an unsighted audience).

While this sort of erratic behaviour can, for the most part be (relatively) harmless – unless impromptu trips to A&E have resulted from calamities – it can leave a lot of unwitting perpetuators of their own clumsiness out of pocket on occasion. Especially those who admit to being more accident-prone AND are homeowners to boot.

And this isn’t just hearsay either, as according to one leading UK home insurance provider, a heady mix of clumsiness and carelessness has led to a surge in claims on household policies; totalling significantly more than those who lodge claims on being victims of flooding or burglaries for example.

The insurer has discovered this after doing a spot of its own research to determine just what incidents are most responsible for claims being put in on its home insurance policies; and it appears a sense of awkwardness and general cack-handedness is more often than not to blame. has published Homeprotect’s findings, which doesn’t make for good reading if you’re one of those statistically prone to gaffs.

Bringing us right smack, bang (crash and wallop) up to date for 2016, Homeprotect quotes its own insurance claims made for March this year (and regarding accidental damage) stand at 31%, whilst by comparison for the same period theft claims were acknowledged at 22% (along with storm damage) and just 13% registered in specific regard to the subject of accidental loss.

Topping the list of household items claimed for, and perhaps unsurprisingly mobile phones stand proud, with handheld devices meeting a watery demise via toilets comprising half of all mobile phone claims. But don’t think this is as imaginative as damaging or losing items found on home insurance policyholder’s lists gets, as trust us when we say you ain’t heard nothing yet.

Carelessness Amounts to Significant Rise in Home Insurance Claims, According to One Household Policy Provider Who’s Observed Latest Statistics

Flagging up the highlights of Homeprotect’s household claims – in terms of impressive levels of clumsiness – AOL chose the following examples for everyone’s reading pleasure. Such as the case of the claimant who tripped over their dog whilst making their way to their desk with a cup of coffee, the contents of which landed over their laptop’s keyboard. And then there was the claimant who was really feeling the rhytm of the music as they listened via their headphones as they skipped around the house hoovering. Only to wind up colliding with a stand which subsequently fell into the TV and cracked the screen. And what about another hoovering incident, which resulted in a claim for a damaged necklace which was sucked up by said cleaner and destroyed beyond recognition.

Meanwhile there was the hapless claimant who dropped their phone in their bowl of cereals, sighing that they wouldn’t normally ‘class themselves as a morning person’ in their defence. Elsewhere – yet maintaining a mobile phone theme – another separate claimant left their device ‘resting’ on a radiator overnight, which lo and behold caused it to melt. In the famous words of Homer Simpson…doh!

Not to be beaten, AOL themselves have strived to up examples of the clumsiness ante, by revealing some additional sets of circumstances which while not leading to claims on household insurance policies do stand out as peerless instances of almost heroic levels of clumsiness. Included amongst which is the admittedly laughable episode of a chap who attempted a garage break-in, only to fall through the roof and knock himself unconscious on the floor below, together with a snapshot of recent clumsiness which became a YouTube sensation overnight.

Taking place in the aftermath of the infamous London riots in 2011, one of the opportunistic looters was appearing in court facing a charge of attempted burglary when they suddenly became aware of being caught on camera. So instinctively they try to disguise their face behind a newspaper only  to then walk into a nearby lamppost.

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