The most obscure travel insurance claims revealed

The most obscure travel insurance claims revealed

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As the holiday season homes into view (we know, the weather’s still a bit iffy) we thought the time was prudent to share with you some of the more peculiar travel insurance claims which have been pursued by unfortunate policyholders in recent times.

Where once perhaps, in years gone by (and when bathing huts were regular sights at traditional seaside resorts; albeit captured in glorious sepia-tinged photos) travel insurance claims might have amounted to little more exotic in nature than an ice-cream incident ruining a perfectly good blouse (whose fault this would have been, we’ve absolutely no idea), here in 2016 holidaymakers are far more likely to fall victim to trouble-making monkeys and troublesome kids burying camcorders.

Which is of course why it’s always imperative that you sort our your travel insurance policy way before you pack up your troubles, hideous Crocs and ‘those’ shorts and start whistling the theme tune to Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail and all that malarkey. Anyway, on the topic of fails, what follows here is a run-down of strange travel insurance claims which have all, genuinely, been submitted by holidaymakers whilst taking in the sun, sea, sights and sounds of a variety of tourist hotspots offered by a variety of popular destinations.

Admittedly there’s always the temptation to throw caution to the wind as we head off on our annual jollies and away days, it’s just instinctive, yet we wouldn’t dream of acting the goat back home so why the compelling desire to do so when away? But if you must – and your idea of fun involves riding a stranger’s moped while sporting a bikini and a smile – then be sure to sort out that travel insurance cover ASAP. Largely because we’re not quite as invincible as we think we are.

The moment the penny drops – Or rather the precise juncture when a coconut falls from a palm tree overhead whilst you’re lost in the latest Jilly Cooper romp and you wind up in A&E with concussion. Which was exactly what befell (if you excuse the pun) a woman holidaying in Sri Lanka, the resultant medical costs of which her travel insurance policy provider footed.

Eyes to the left – Citing a group of bikini-clad girls as the reason he otherwise inexplicably walked straight into a bus shelter in Athens, an honesty-first, embarrassment-later chap came clean to his travel insurer who miraculously paid-out on the claim of the policyholder with the wandering eye.

It’ll be alright on the night/day/beach – One mum and dad will remember not to leave the video camera in the ‘safe’ keeping of their offsprings ever again, after doing just that whilst enjoying a family holiday in Cornwall. The kids interpreted ‘safe-keeping’ to mean burying said camcorder device in the sand before they went off for dip; only forgetting where they’d hid the device on their return from the tide. The travel insurer looked sympathetically on the subsequent claim and settled a £600 compensation case.

BBQ + Bride = Highly flammable concoction – Hovering too close to a BBQ, a blushing bride risked potentially becoming a lot more red-faced as she stepped a little nearer an outdoor cooking area than she intended, which she was immediately reminded of as her synthetic material-woven wedding dress became engulfed in flames. Thankfully her quick-thinking new hubby came to his hapless new wife’s rescue by picking her up and dunking her in the nearby sea. Once again the insurer showed similar compassion and coughed up some compensation for the ruined dress.

Monkey business – An adventure-seeking couple sought out slightly more adventure than they’d originally planned when a group of marauding primates stole their clothes from their lodgings and proceeded to decorate their natural Malaysian rainforest habitat with their spoils. Their travel insurers concurred that it was out of their control and paid-up.

Snow joke – Having arranged a skiing holiday of which she was looking forward to immensely, imagine the look on one woman’s face when she was confronted with a distinct lack of snow when she arrived on the piste on the first day of her winter break. Why, the unlucky policyholder had even forked out for a new set of skis for the much-anticipated occasion. The travel insurer obliging agreed to compensate the insured party for the absence of the white stuff and consequent ruination of her holiday.

Hot in the city tonight – You might forgive the ignorance of one holidaymaker who hadn’t realised that the bar at which she was stood at on her Greek sojourn was one of those little-known novelty ones which sporadically released flames as a special feature. Cue the poor woman suffering third degree burns after failing to understand just what the pre-display warning alarm was referring to, which triggered a successful pay-out from her travel insurance provider.

Dentures in paradise – Dentures often have a life of their own, yet for two separate travellers their false teeth certainly had different agendas to their owners’. One pensioner waved goodbye to his as they were propelled overboard from a cruise ship after a bout of sea-sickness dislodged them, while another’s parted company with their rightful owner after a particularly violent gust of wind whipped them from their open mouth. He was said to be singing at the time, in case you wondered. Both pensioners received compensation from their travel cover firms.

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