Motor Insurance Conman Receives Prison Sentence after Creating 150 Fraudulent Policies

Motor Insurance Conman Receives Prison Sentence after Creating 150 Fraudulent Policies

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Another story which proves that crime never pays centers on the breaking news that the Metropolitan Police Force’s dedicated Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department has again been instrumental in the bringing to justice of a motor insurance scammer.

The so-called ‘ghostbroker’ was charged at the Old Bailey of orchestrating some 150 blatantly fraudulent motor insurance policies, reports, as part of a wide-ranging scam which netted the accused £200k. Romanian national, Maur Dumitru of Longsight in Manchester, arranged literally hundreds of fraudulent car policies with one of the UK’s leading motor cover providers, Aviva, in the capacity of an unlicensed (and ergo, illegal) broker on behalf of his friends and others within Manchester’s Romanian community.

Dumitru achieved his objectives by securing cheap premium deals on countless car policies for his expansive client-base, yet in the event submitted false details on various policies so as to afford would-be policyholders competitive rates.

The court heard that this ploy amounted to giving Aviva fake residential addresses many miles away from Manchester, and including both Bromsgrove in the Midlands and even Aberdeen in Scotland amongst others. Had the correct addresses been used then Dumitru would not have been able to make a profit totalling £200,000 according to the prosecution.

The extent of the fraudulent activity and subsequent apprehending of the then-accused party only came after the motor insurer observed an unusual volume of policies being taken out in what it described as ‘unusual locations’; which first alerted Aviva to a potential scam being in operation.

Absconding Crook Winds up behind Bars for £200k Car Cover Scam

An investigation was launched which shed light on the fact that a significant amount of motor policies were being paid for via the same bank cards, and eventually the specialist Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department tracked the computer (used to make the payments from) to an address belonging to Dumitru in Manchester.

Further scrutiny of the accused’s computer found documents pertaining to fraudulent policies, whilst additional detective work unearthed the arrangement fees Dumitru had received in his bank account.

Eventually sentenced to 20 months in jail, Dumitru initially went on the run after first appearing at the Old Bailey last year where he stood accused of the crime, which led to the police issuing an arrest warrant thereafter. 9 months later the police finally caught up with Dumitru in Manchester, prior to him being re-sentenced of late.

Speaking to a number of news sources, the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department’s Sgt Steven Holland said; “He exploited people who were new to the country and left them with policies that were invalid,” going on to conclude; “This sort of insurance fraud not only harms those that think they’re insured, but aren’t, but can also harm other law-abiding road users if they’re involved with a driver who later turns out to be uninsured.”

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