Group Health Insurance Policy Offered to Lloyds Bank Employees Will Extend Coverage to Transgender Procedures

Group Health Insurance Policy Offered to Lloyds Bank Employees Will Extend Coverage to Transgender Procedures

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One of the country’s leading banking institutions has stolen a march on its rivals by announcing that it would henceforth fund its permanent employees’ gender reassignment procedures under an extension of its current staff health insurance policy agreement. reported the breaking news that Lloyds Bank had given notice of its employee-benefitting group health insurance intentions last week, while also being of the opinion that the long-standing financial institution was the first company here in Britain to offer such a perk as part and parcel of its staff health insurance provisions.

Gender reassignment has hit the headlines again in recent times, as former Olympic Gold medal-winning decathlete; Bruce Jenner (who was born a male) underwent the controversial surgery which has since seen him being effectively reborn as a woman in 2015. Now universally known as Caitlyn Jenner, her name and gender change became official last year and she’s widely regarded as the most famous openly transgender woman on the planet. Referring back to Lloyds’ unprecedented – and admittedly ground-breaking – stance with regards to its employee health insurance policies here and now, and The Telegraph reveals that the bank’s own headline-grabbing exclusive offer envelops what’s termed ‘gender dystopia treatments’, which will be made available (and inclusive) to all members of staff employed by Lloyds in the UK who ‘experience issues with their gender’.

Opinion-dividing Gender Reassignment Surgery Will Be Made Available to Lloyds Staff with Company Health Policies

Of the firm’s estimated 75,000 employees in this country, The Telegraph is under the impression that in the region of around 20 Lloyds staff (and those who feely admit that they don’t feel like they conform to the two, historically clearly defined gender identities) would be interested in taking up their employer’s pioneering offer. Speaking with The Telegraph on this issue and the reasons why it’s taken action on what remains a contentious subject matter within society, a spokesperson for Lloyds said; “The health and wellbeing of all our colleagues is of utmost importance to the group and we are committed to providing them with increasing and inclusive support.” Quick to applaud the bank’s move, LGBT groups hailed the banking groups encouraging new stance; however it might not come as a shock to all as it transpires that the company has been rated as a top 10 private sector firm by LGBT-championing organisation, Stonewall Workplace Equality for the last 3 years in succession.

Indeed Lloyds’ Rainbow Network (which number over 1,800 LGBT employees) has recently acquired ‘Star Performer’ status in recognition of its specific diversity and inclusion policy and accumulative achievements, which strives to prosper work-life balance by way of raising awareness, understanding and the corporate embracing of those members of its diverse workforce who fall into various society categories, including those of gender. What’s more, courtesy of one particular TV and press ad campaign, Lloyds became the first bank to feature a gay couple. Proffering the gender reassignment surgery via Bupa, Lloyds aims to relieve some of the pressure placed on the under-strain NHS by advocating its health insurance policy first, with the latest report suggesting that demand for gender reassignment clinics is growing at 30% annually.

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