Claim of Thrones: The Facts of Life Insurance, Fictionalised

Claim of Thrones: The Facts of Life Insurance, Fictionalised

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Game Of Thrones

If someone asked you just what was THE biggest thing on TV (if not in the world) right now, then we’re pretty confident most people would answer, ‘Game of Thrones’.

The critically acclaimed and feverishly-anticipated brand series (season 6) returns this April, as the UK prepares to stay glued to their TV sets for the next few months.

Ahead of its imminent arrival one leading entertainment website, asked a life insurance policy expert at another equally leading insurer just how much coverage would cost in terms of premiums for a handful of the HBO show’s most prominent characters. Just out of interest and just for fun of course.

Together with estimating roughly how much their premiums would cost them, the life insurance provider also highlighted the predominant risks which would significantly affect the premiums quoted, so they could paint a more accurate-ish picture of how things might pan-out in this purely fictitious situation.

Bearing in mind most of the televisual spectacular’s main characters often get killed off at the end of each season (sometime in one fell swoop if fans recall the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ for example), it’s always useful to have a bit of protection in place; aside from an array of medieval-spec weaponry, witchcraft and dragons.

With Imminent Danger at Every Turn, a Life Insurer Works Out the Cost of Policy Premiums for Those Most at Risk

Anyway, as George RR Martin’s epic dungeons and dragons-esque opus homes in on our horizons – and remembering that all men (and sadly gladiatorial womenfolk too) must die – the author’s words, not ours – here is Staysure Life Insurance’s hypothetical glance at how much Game of Thrones’ movers and shakers would have to set aside on a monthly basis were they in the position/historical juncture in time where life insurance would be advisable.

First up they took a look at self-proclaimed Mother of Dragons, otherwise referred to as Daenerys Targaryen, who at the age of 21-years would – as Staysure phrased it – ‘Need to take out some cover for herself in case one of her beloved dragons turns on her, as well as psychiatric cover if she succumbs to the Targaryen madness.’ Indeed, both rogue dragons and the threat of regicide could easily put pay to Khaleesi (yes, another pseudonym), hence why the life insurance premium quoted is £38 per month.

Meanwhile pocket-sized lion-heart, Tyrion Lannister would need to squirrel away some £61 per month according to the life insurer’s ball-park calculations, not least because the 38-year old fine wine and women addict’s perceived risks include the likes of alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases and greyscale.

Advising on the very subject of the scourge of the Lannister clan’s chances of surviving longer than season 6, Staysure’s life insurance spokesperson concurred; “I would recommend that Lannister should go for a private health-insurance policy with full inpatient cover for injuries and a worldwide travel option while he’s in Meereen.” Fair comment. Elsewhere and Tyrion’s older sibling (and generally accepted short-fused power broker), Cersei Lannister faces the very real possibility of being assassinated by the insurer’s reckoning. Which helps explain why the 42-year old master manipulator would need to cough up in the region of £111 per month.

Describing the whys and wherefores, Staysure’s life insurance expert says; “Cersei should look for private health insurance with access to the exclusive hospitals in King’s Landing. She should add Jaime on to it, though they’ll need reminding he can’t be listed as her spouse.”

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