Beware of Blowtorches and Pheasants: UK’s Strangest Caravan Insurance Claims Laid Bare

Beware of Blowtorches and Pheasants: UK’s Strangest Caravan Insurance Claims Laid Bare

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Who’d have ever thought that the most serene and leisurely of quintessentially British pastimes would pose such a health and safety risk to those who freely participate on an annual basis, yet it seems that the otherwise unassuming art of caravanning can be something of a dangerous undertaking.

Yes, the constant butt of Top Gear jokes (and supposed scourge of all other road users), caravanning can be blamed as the root cause of numerous mishaps and calamities, according to a recent spot of research carried out by a UK-based insurance policy provider.

With the findings of Saga Insurance’s very latest survey we’re afforded a rare glimpse into some of the shocking insurance claims which have been forthcoming as a direct result of things going a sunder for those most erstwhile and seasoned of UK holidaymakers, the resilient and greater spotted caravanner. Although not known as an adrenalin sport , the more undesired effects of caravanning have been unearthed courtesy of a timely dip into Saga’s insurance claims bag; a bag which in total was responsible for some £500,000-plus on recompense to those subjected to a series of caravan-derived woes during 2015.

Chronicled beneath are six individual claims which were pursued by caravan insurance policyholders in recent times, ranging from perceivable innocuous road collisions and field/caravan site-based accidents to the slightly less obvious ‘elbows through caravan windows’ episodes.

These six amount to what Saga describe as the more stand-out/memorable claims experienced during this the last 12 month period of dedicated caravan insurance claims history. Like for example the policyholder who – on trundling off to remove his caravan from winter storage – noticed that it had been breached by intruders; only to discover that the opportunistic thieves had not only made off with the owner’s personal possession but had half-inched both the fridge and toilet too!

And then there was the case of the caravan owner who took no chances with security and chose to keep their pride and joy on their driveway all year round. Which would have been safe from any potential dangers had it not been for the next door neighbour’s weed-tackling with – of all things – a blowtorch.

Subsequently triggering a mini blaze on the adjoining driveway, the fire quickly spread to a nearby bush from which the heat blistered the caravan’s paintwork. Cue a £2,000 repair bill/insurance claim to make restore to its former glories.

Caravan Insurance Claims amongst Some of the More Bizarre, According to Findings of Recent Study

Elsewhere there was the time a policyholder parked their motorhome on their driveway overnight, in preparation of valeting it the following morning bright and early.

Unfortunately overnight a rogue wheelie bin had ploughed into said motorhome repeatedly, instigating what insurance investigators agreed was in the region of £4,000 pounds’ worth of damage in the process. Bordering on funny (although clearly not for the owner), one particular insurance claim reported how a caravan owner had ‘popped out to the shops’, only to observe his van in an altogether different position on their return.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse you see, whilst the policyholder was out which had seen the wind whip up; so much so that it had tipped the caravan onto its side, causing nearly £2,000 worth of damage.

Meanwhile inclement (and largely unexpected) meteorological conditions played havoc with one policyholder’s caravan, when it became the target of golf ball-sized hailstones raining down upon it; with the holidaymakers rudely awakened by the deafening sound one morning.

Damage of £5,000 was duly noted. And finally, one caravanning customer’s sojourn ended in a less than pheasant way when a pleasant bolted across the road in front of them. Timing its run all wrong, the hapless bird managed to cause almost £2,000 pounds’ worth of damage as it bounced off the policyholder’s car AND caravan.

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