Apocalyptic Hailstorm Leaves $1.4 Billion Trail of Destruction in America, As Insurers Faced with Picking up the Bill

Apocalyptic Hailstorm Leaves $1.4 Billion Trail of Destruction in America, As Insurers Faced with Picking up the Bill

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Swathes of the UK might have been subjected to a steady and destructive torrent of floodwaters last Christmas, the legacy of which home insurance policy providers are still picking up the monumental tab for (whilst soul-destroyed homeowners continue to rebuild their shattered abodes), yet if we’re talking about truly biblical weather (and subsequent insurance claims) then look no further than the unprecedented hailstorm that struck a region of Texas, America a couple of weeks ago.

Even a country, historically-speaking more than familiar with the concept of ‘going large’ at every conceivable opportunity was stunned into silence when faced with a barrage of grapefruit-circumferenced hailstones out of the blue; which went on to wreak absolute havoc as it rained down on the San Antonio area.

So brutal and almost cataclysmic was the extent of the hailstorm that insurance industry experts in the States are already forecasting that it might prove to be the costliest in Texan history.

Hailstones the Size of Grapefruits Batter Texas, As Insurance Policy Providers Begin Calculating Record-breaking Bill for Damage

Early indications suggest that estimated damage could amount to almost $1.4 billion dollars, with The Insurance Council of Texas breaking down the predicted final figure into the two key areas.

Namely the setting aside of $560 million to cover mooted insured losses affecting vehicles which bore the brunt of the hailstorm, while talking about putting $800 million to one side to (literally) take into account damages which occurred to both residential properties and business premises.

It’s also been pointed out that as yet uncalculated uninsured losses will need to be factored in before an eventual ball-park figure can be thrashed out, with an independent insurance agents based at the geographical epicentre of the freak hailstorm hit in San Antonio doing the rudimentary math to suggest that this too will probably exceed all previous comparable instances.

Indeed, to date the biggest insurance pay-out in response to a hailstorm was the $.1.1 billion which was acknowledged during the clean-up operation in Fort Worth in May 1995. Thankfully no injuries were reported in the wake of this most recent hailstorm which pummelled San Antonio and the north-western Bexar (Bear) County on April 12th.

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