The Force Could Be With Us: Holograms Will Light Way for Future Insurance Claims Endeavours

The Force Could Be With Us: Holograms Will Light Way for Future Insurance Claims Endeavours

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Science fiction is all set to become science fact and the insurance industry is positioning itself right at the heart of tech advances which will project the insurance claims process right into the future. In scenes out of Star Wars, a Japanese tech firm claims to have invented a smartphone attachment which can generate a compact hologram.

Think the way Princess Leia was recreated in the original Star Wars films to afford a mental image if you will. And the technology is predicted to be adapted for use in the insurance sector in a galaxy a lot closer to home.

Japanese insurers collaborated to help fund the research and as a result have first dibs on the resultant technology according to, and which is destined to revolutionise the way in which we make and process insurance claims when the hologram-based tech is up and running.

The company behind the creation, Jujuatsui believe that the presence of its innovation will represent a significant ‘game changer’ in terms of insurance claims, with its Chief Executive, Kei Matsi telling the Insurance Time’s sister title, StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific that; “Instead of speaking to customer services over the phone, customers can have a 1ft hologram spring up anywhere there is a wi-fi connection.”

Japanese Boffins behind Futuristic Hologram-compliant Insurance Claims Personal Touch

Matsi went on to explain that should an individual have suffered a claims loss, the facility to engage a hologram thereafter will effectively personalise the whole experience.

Describing the (virtual) reality of the tech, Matsi confirmed that the attachment will initially be offered free of charge to major corporate clients who pay the largest insurance premiums in the capacity of a test pilot to determine the advantages and disadvantages.

Examining the way in which an individual would interact with the device and the company says that the hologram-emitting attachment simply clips around the top of a smartphone and uses the device’s in-built camera function to project via.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the hologram add-on’s creators admit that the inspiration for the insurance-friendly attachment did emerge from George Lucas’s seminal movies of yore, with Matsi himself going as far as to say that; “It’s kinda funny. The bit where R2D2 creates a hologram of Princess Leia is like what we have created,” before telling his interviewers that they’ve even afforded the hologram a Star Wars-influenced codename as such, in the otherwise nonsensical guise of ‘Sloof Lirpa-6141’.

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