Equine insurance – number one reason for payouts in 2015 was for arthritis

Equine insurance – number one reason for payouts in 2015 was for arthritis

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If we were to ask you just what condition prompts the most significant number of pay-outs with regards to equine insurance policies, we doubt that many people (outside of the pet insurance and equine sectors) would have a clue.

Yet a physical condition which affects an ageing population of humans as well as horses has been cited as the most prolific reason insurance claims are made by horse owners here in the UK. Indeed, arthritis – followed by colic, laminitis, Cushing’s disease and inflamed ligaments – have been acknowledged as the most recurrent problems which complicate the health of our equine friends, according to the very latest research on the matter carried out by a leading equine insurance policy provider.

Based on 2015 records in relation to equine-based insurance claims received by PetPlan, some £730,655 was paid out in recognition of arthritis conditions, whilst a figure purported to be in the region of £672,216 was met in relation to colic cases.

Elsewhere laminitis accounted for £325,065 pounds’ worth of equine insurance settlements, £177,380 was earmarked to counter the effects of Cushing’s disease in horses and a further £569,538 was set aside to cover claims for inflamed ligaments.

Which in total meant that a sum of more than £12 million was recompensed across the board during last year, says leading and widely-respected equine authority www.horseandhound.co.uk

Equine Illnesses, Rather Than Injuries, Top Horse Policy Settlements According to Specialist Insurer

The research compiled by PetPlan’s equine insurance division established that the majority of the conditions which comprised the top 5 were in fact illnesses as opposed to injuries as such, and as a spokesperson for PetPlan pointed out, as a result; “They are often not preventable and are something any horse owner could find themselves having to deal with.”

Pooling the information submitted by 1,100 respondents, the insurance provider’s study also found that 49% of horse owners admitted that their charges had experienced either an illness or injury in the previous 12 month period, while 84% confirmed that they wouldn’t waste any time seeking help from their equine insurer in the event of their animal succumbing to an unforeseen illness or injury.

Horse and Hound’s resident vet, Karen Coumbe told the magazine that it was (in her words); “Excellent news that horse injuries are not at the top of the list,” yet in spite of this went on to tell people that they need to remain mindful that such results don’t ‘necessarily reflect the whole equine population, just this group of insured animals.’

Speaking specifically on the inclusion of Cushing’s disease appearing prominently in the top 5 equine insurance claims for 2015, Coumbe reasoned that; “This may reflect the relatively recent launch of an equine prescription treatment, which could explain why the condition has now become a more common reason for insurance claims,” after passing comment that typically the condition is something which affects older horses.

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