Cutting Edge ‘PetMatch’ Tech Affords Dejected Pet Insurance Policyholders Coming to Terms with Absent Furry Friends New Lifeline

Cutting Edge ‘PetMatch’ Tech Affords Dejected Pet Insurance Policyholders Coming to Terms with Absent Furry Friends New Lifeline

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Fantastic news for pet owners who struggle to fill the void left by their beloved furry friends when they go to the big house. No, not THE big house, rather the vets’ for procedures, treatments and monitoring in the immediate aftermath of sustaining an injury or being diagnosed with an illness which requires veterinarian hospitalisation for an indefinite passage of time.

As from today, the 1st April 2016, one of the UK’s leading pet insurance policy providers is launching what’s being seen as the country’s first Courtesy Pet Cover. Coinciding with the advent of National Pet Month here in Britain, SunLife has taken the unprecedented step of adding what it refers to as ‘complimentary Courtesy Pet Cover’ across ALL of its existing pet insurance policies.

This heartfelt scheme championed by the popular pet insurer will see company representatives go that extra mile whilst caring for your pet, literally, by delivering what’s been described as a ‘pet match’ to your front door, to stroke, feed, walk and love in the same manner you’d do to your own were they there beside you.

In a society which is often compared to having ‘gone to the dogs’ SunLife is bucking the trend by rolling-out this unique service which will ensure that pet owners will have constant company if and when their dog, cat, budgie or stick insect are being patched up.

Indeed, SunLife’s Director of General Insurance, Simon Stanney has spoken about this new courtesy pet cover as being equivalent to having your very own courtesy car when your own vehicle goes into a garage to be serviced/repaired and you’re subsequently left high and dry.

Stanney; “Motor insurance has offered this service for years – a courtesy car while yours is being repaired. But what about something you’ll really miss while it’s away – your pet?” Stanney makes a valid point when he goes on to concur; “Why are we expected to carry on regardless while Bluebell the Labrador is away having her ears syringed?”

Courtesy Pets Offered to Grieving Owners While Their Furry Friends are Inconvenienced

Of course, a lot of animal lovers will want to learn what the exacting science is behind the ‘pet matching’ element of this bespoke insurance cover we touched on above, which is explained away as follows.

Apparently the pet insurer facilitates a special algorithm called ‘PetMatch’ which essentially matches the ‘replacement/stand-in’ pet with your original dog/cat/iguana; be it in terms of name, colour, intelligence levels or favourite foodstuffs, leaving absolutely nothing left to chance. Proving just how such a feature would work in real time, SunLife wheeled out one of its smitten pet insurance policyholders right on cue to put questioning minds at rest.

Joyce Beckett recalls how she became one of the insurer’s Guinee pigs (if you’ll excuse the pun) when her beloved cat, Winston accidentally fell out of a tree recently and broke his hip. The necessitated operation to correct the damage required an overnight stay with Beckett’s vets, so PetMatch stepped into the fray and quickly located a suitable replacement pet. Which in the event materialised as Brian, a 12 foot South American boa constrictor who shared Winston’s fondness for mice.

The revolutionary pet insurer does however stipulate certain T’s & C’s which need adhering to for those considering taking out such coverage any time soon (i.e. today, April 1st 2016). Notably that – and we quote – ‘whilst we cannot give advice on whether our pet insurance is right for you, if you don’t have a pet you may want to consider not taking out pet insurance in the first place.’

Which stands as excellent consumer information in our book. Meanwhile the small print adds; ‘You courtesy pet will be well-fed and watered on arrival and must have a full tummy on collection. If your courtesy pet is found to be even the slightest bit peckish you will be charged a full feeding penalty (average £75 based on a kilo of fillet steak and a bottle of mineral water).’

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