UK’s Most ‘Pet Friendly’ City Named, As Pet Insurers Urge Owners to Spend Time and Money on Pet Cover as Well as Treats

UK’s Most ‘Pet Friendly’ City Named, As Pet Insurers Urge Owners to Spend Time and Money on Pet Cover as Well as Treats

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Usually when someone has been ‘sent to Coventry’ it implies that they’ve (nearly always deservedly so) been given the cold shoulder for wrong-doings. However if you happen to be a dog or cat and are threatened with being packed off to the Warwickshire city any time soon, then the chances are you might jump at the opportunity and do all you could to ensure that the ultimatum-issuers stick to their word. And that’s because Coventry has recently been dubbed the UK’s ‘most pet-friendly city’ according to, well, something of a leading authority on all things Coventry, (but we can assure you that other news outlets are also running with this particular story).

Just to clarify, the local paper itself didn’t arrive at this fact, it’s merely flagged up the result of a study carried out by a pet insurance policy provider based here in Britain, which ultimately discovered that pet-loving residents of this part of Warwickshire routinely spend the most on their four-legged friends.

More than dog and cat owners geographically located anywhere else so the research confirms. It materialises that pet-crazy inhabitants of Coventry willingly cough up some £52.77 every month so as to keep their pampered pooches (and an array of other pets) in the life to which they’ve become accustomed.

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Breaking down the monetary facts of this matter, and it appears that a (somewhat exacting) figure of £14.44 goes on toys for Coventry pet owner’s furry friends every month, while an additional £11.11 is set aside to cover grooming and other extra-curricular pampering costs.

However the lion’s share (let’s hope not! Not literally anyway) of pet lover’s funds is regularly earmarked for food, with a sum of £27.22 acknowledged as the average spend for a three-pet household in a Coventry postcode. As a further part of this poll – which put a range of questions to a cross-section of 1,000 respondents – it’s been revealed that a couple (although not themselves each other’s partners just for the record) from London and Birmingham took the accolade of splashing the most money on their pets, accumulating a whopping £213 per month bill for their pet-based practices.

However, and as pet insurance experts are keen to point out, aside from catering for/pandering to our best friends’ food and lifestyle whims, it’s equally important to ensure that they are covered for all eventualities by a broad-ranging pet insurance policy.

As a spokesperson for the pet insurance firm which commissioned this survey concurs; “One of the most important displays of affection is to make sure they are taken care of to the best of your ability as an owner, and that includes veterinary attention when required.”

They went on to stress; “With vets bills rising year on year, it’s crucial to find a pet insurance policy that suits your pet’s needs and your budget.” A fact that should never be overlooked nor scrimped on by pet owners as you never know the time (or place) when you might be in desperate need of financial help relating to your pet.

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