UK Insurance provider Casts Light on Policy Premium for Millennium Falcon

UK Insurance provider Casts Light on Policy Premium for Millennium Falcon

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Millennium Falcon

With the latest Star Wars film (the 7th for those counting, and which comes some nigh on four decades after the original), ‘The Force Awakens’ currently going great guns and breaking box office records globally, one UK insurance firm took it upon themselves to work out just how much it would cost one of the iconic movie’s stars, Han Solo to run the equally recognisable, Millennium Falcon over the course of a year. An earth year that is, not an intergalactic one in case you were wondering.

The figure that Admiral arrived at was close to £200,000 per annum (or 120,860 Republic credits); which by anyone’s standards would make a sizeable dint in their annual earnings. But then that premium quote is relative small change when compared with the out-of-this-world sum of £2 million it would cost Han Solo to keep his ride of choice in tip-top shape/working order over that same passage of time; according to the findings.

And one of the main reasons why the insurance quote was so, how can we put this, stratospheric? Largely because one of the named drivers that Han would need to confirm on his hypothetical motor insurance policy would be that of Chewbacca. And apparently Wookies are notoriously difficult to insure.

Admittedly nobody would assume that insurance premiums for a craft that can travel quite as rapidly as the Millennium Falcon can would come cheap, on account of the risk factor (as opposed to the warp factor) posed to its passengers as it circumnavigated the darker recesses of the universe.

Well, a universe, or rather, galaxy, far, far away, etc. Admiral Insurance for one clearly weren’t fooled by the Falcon’s deceptively shabby chic appearance, an appearance which goes a long way to belie its turn of speed (that of light, for those not in the Star Wars loop or space, time, continuum). And then there’s the not inconsequential problem that when piloted so far from earth, should the Millennium Falcon suffer a mechanical fault then offering breakdown cover would be pretty futile.

Recruiting engineers to help them come to this premium ball-park figure, an Admiral insurance spokesperson told the Daily Mail; “We’d definitely have to run this one by our underwriters,” adding; “They would need to consider the age of the vehicle, the fact the main driver is a smuggler and he probably has more than one driving conviction.”

And then there’s that turn of speed we mentioned above, supported by the underlying fact that the Falcon (with Han Solo at the helm) apparently once made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Indeed, it’s the Falcon’s 0.5 past light speed ability (which sees it routinely out-manoeuvring any craft in the galaxy) which really hikes up the quotes. Bearing in mind that in Solo’s capable Hans the craft comfortably exceeds Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity with room to spare.

Add into the motor insurance-of-sorts equation that the ‘vehicle’ is parked up in a different corner of the galaxy each night (as opposed to in a locked garage in a safe neighbourhood) and you begin to get the picture. And don’t forget what the leading UK motor insurer referred to as the ‘unusually high mileage’, which would also play havoc with keeping policy premiums within a more do-able scope.

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