New microchipping laws “wont halt pet insurance fraud”

New microchipping laws “wont halt pet insurance fraud”

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Pet insurance fraud will continue unabated by the introduction of compulsory canine microchipping laws this year, according to one leading authority on a subject matter which ends up costing pet insurance policyholders more in terms of premiums each year.

Pet insurance software expert, Aquarium fervently believe that an official and all-encompassing unifying pet register would be the ultimate weapon to be deployed against pet insurance fraud here in the UK.

Naturally from a lost pets viewpoint (and the obvious reuniting them with their owners), this new mandatory microchipping legislation which has been passed and set to be ushered in as of April, will be an invaluable tool in the on-going fight against both the accidental misplacing of dogs as well as the more upsetting abandonment practices which are still rife.

However Aquarium feels that the chance of creating one, far more workable microchip database to govern errant pets has been missed in this instance. Despite the advent of the new microchipping law, there’ll still be an absence of one single repository – rather than the 6 existing microchip databases as it currently stands – which experts such as Aquarium consider will do little to quell the significant volume of insurance fraud taking place, via bogus pet claims being pursued.

Streamlining this provision of vital pet information into the one, go-to online destination would prove a massive aid to pet insurer’s constant tackling of fraudulent claims, with a centralised list being seen as the best way forward.

Unified System of Microchipping Recognition Pooling All Dogs in One Information Repository Would Reduce Pet Insurance Fraud

Far from wishing to rain on the compulsory microchipping parade set to be run-out in England on the 6th of April this year, Aquarium instead wished to make a case for relevant authorities to address the perceivably separate (yet intrinsically connected) topic of utilising a one-stop platform when it comes to the existence of pet information-orientated databases.

Its Sales and Marketing Director, Mark Colonnese says; “Whilst the impending compulsory microchipping law should be commended for its aspects of accountability and welfare when it comes to dogs, it’s vital that the correct technology platforms and protocols are in place. There will undoubtedly be a huge shift in the pet insurance landscape when it comes to April which calls for planning and a review of current procedures.”

He went on to add in the company’s own recent press release that; “A central register can help realise the full potential set out by the new laws, whilst simultaneously cutting out the fraudulent bad eggs.”

Management information software creators such as Aquarium are ideally placed to provide a far-reaching technical solution which would go a long way, technologically to deter would-be fraudulent pet insurance policy scammers, by given the go ahead to implement the proposed singular (and central) microchipping register.

Citing the heralding of the new laws coming into play as being a time when enormous strains are put upon current technical infrastructures and platforms, Aquarium strongly believe that what they refer to as ‘intuitive tech’ could come into its own.

Colonnese concluded; “It’s a sad fact that there will also be individuals looking to exploit the system in this transitional period,” going on to suggest that a more bespoke ‘system of accurate, real-time record-checking’ (twinned and underpinned with a dynamic technology platform to drive it) should have been launched simultaneously.

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