1 in 10 UK Pet Insurance Policyholders Bemoan Both Cost and Provider Communications

1 in 10 UK Pet Insurance Policyholders Bemoan Both Cost and Provider Communications

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According to a recent survey by that bastion of consumer advice, www.which.co.uk 1 in 10 pet owners here in the UK are unimpressed with our pet insurance policy provider; with our biggest bugbear being reserved for premium outlays.

Polling around 2,000 people with pets of their own, Which? calculates that some 8% of study respondents expressed general dissatisfaction with regards to their pet insurer, whilst 3% described themselves as very unhappy with the service they’ve received at the hands of their pet policy provider.

Cited as the predominant issues, pet lovers participating in the Which? study felt that communications with their insurer, together with the cost of the cover left a lot to be desired.

So much so that a figure of 16% admitted that if they were asked to rate the standard of regular communications between themselves and their pet insurers, then they’d deem it either ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. Going on to convey their feelings about the insurance product itself, and 12% concurred that to view mind it represented ‘poor’ or again, ‘very poor’ value for money.

To garner a better picture of the extent of the animosity shown by respondents to the Which? survey, the pollsters confirmed that in the region of one third of the research participants had filed a minimum of 1 claim on their existing pet policy within the past 12 month period; and 1 in 7 of these policyholders told of claims rarely being settled without issues arising during part of the process adding to their frustrations.

As the Association of British Insurers (ABI) understand it, there are currently 3 million Brits in possession of one form of pet insurance policy or another in operation, and in terms of facts and figures suggest that pet insurance providers are in the habit of paying out in excess of £1.6 million per day in compensation after claims proved successful. As the ABI see it, £679 stands as the average claim cost.

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